Advantage-disadvantage of simple network management protocol

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Differentiate network monitoring tools and their uses.

Just as your car needs regular oil changes for optimum performance, wireless LAN requires routine maintenance to give users optimum signal strength and availability.

Write one major advantage and one major disadvantage of "Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)" and explain the short scenario in which company would find this tool ideal choice for monitoring their WLAN.

Reference no: EM1388367

Divide network in two vlans for clients and server

In your network, you could use layer 3 switch, divide the network in two VLANs, one for clients, another one for  server and route between them using routing capabilities.

Transmit file using binary exponential backoff algorithm

Two CSMA/CD stations are each attempting to transmit long (multiframe) files. After each frame is sent, they contend for channel using binary exponential backoff algorithm.

Describe basic wireless network maintenance functions

Describe basic wireless network maintenance functions. Producers are continuously releasing firmware upgrades for their products. If you were manager of WLAN.

Explain each layer of osi model-how it associates to network

Explain each layer of OSI model and how it associates to network in 200 to 300 words. Your response should include answers to the following:o On which layers of OSI model do

Hypothetical condition for each signal type used in wan

Give the hypothetical condition for each signal type which shows how it could be, or is being, used in the WAN. In what situations, for instance, would the company select to

Find round-trip delay due-speed of light equal transmission

At what data rate does round-trip delay due to speed of light equal transmission delay for 1-KB packet? Suppose speed of light in fibre to be 2/3 speed of light in vacuum.

Starting and ending security and integrity levels of object

In Lipner's model consider moving the program from development into production. Write down the starting and ending security and integrity levels of this object.

Explain system enforces both blp and biba properties

Integrity SL = security clearance for level L = integrity clearance for level L SC = security category set for cat. C = integrity category set for cat C. Prove that in this


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