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Adam Smith Annotation Assignment Description

Annotate the writings of Adam Smith found in Chapter 8 of the MyEducator textbook. This is the only annotation required.


Times New Roman 12 point font

1 inch margins


There is no set length. The assignment should be as long as you need it to be, but at least one significant page. The annotation can be in an outline format or in paragraphs. Choose what works best for you but be thorough.

To help you learn how to get the most out of your reading and prepare you for the future midterm.


Bio of author:Tell about the author including such things as background, timeline, education, life, significant events, etc.

Summarize the Article: What are the main points?

Annotate: The annotation could include any or all of the following:
What stood out to you?
What did you highlight and why?
What do you agree with and why?
What do you disagree with and why?
What do you not understand and need to do more research on?
What words do you not understand and need to look up?
What is the modern application and examples?
Why is this relevant?
What are discussion points from class you would like to add?
Compare or contrast to other writers or philosophers discussed through the semester.
Whatever seems significant to you.

Reference no: EM131444184

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