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Directions For CP3 you will set your CP2 project and document deliverable aside and start fresh. Your task is to use this document and the data provided to create a project file using Microsoft Project. The data below will establish a project budget and schedule baseline with Budget = $4,449,920.00 and a highly desired completion date of 12/17/08. We are trying to create a scenario for a time that is 'out in the future' here. We are fast forwarding the project and loading some fictional information to create a scenario for you to analyze using Earned Value and then provide course corrections to the project. The project at this future date shows that our project is not performing very well. However, you are given the opportunity to make some changes to the project to still complete it on the desired date of 12/19/08. These directions help you set the Gantt to represent the anticipated 50% completion 'date' of 10/1/08. This is the date where the project 'should be' 50% complete. You do NOT set the project to 50% complete, you set it to 40%. These are two different things and these 2 parameters set up the scenario for you to generate EV data and tell me about how the project is doing. % Complete (The Reality) The 40% should be set by you by setting the top level task (project name) to 40%. This is how 'done' we are saying we actually are with the project at this point in time. % Scheduled (The Plan) The date (i.e. point in time) provided for the review fast forwards the project to the 'anticipated' 50% project scheduled date. This is the date on the calendar when we 'wanted' to be 50% complete. After opening MS Project, there is one system setting that needs to be changed in MS Project 2010 and MS Project 2013. At the bottom left of the screen notice that New Tasks are set to Manually Scheduled. Select this bar and change the setting so that all new tasks are set to Auto Schedule. This can also be accomplished in the ribbon on the Task Tab and Tasks group. 

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