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We learned about database design and methodology. You are the database administrator for your company, which has just acquired a company called SNHU Appliances. You are deciding what the best approach is. Should you merge your database with the new company's database, or vice versa? Discuss what steps you need to take to make sure the data is retained and remains accessible for both organizations. Although you do not have the exact specifications of SNHU Appliances, you want to be proactive and think about what information you will need in order to make good recommendations. As you respond to this thread, discuss what type of information you will need to request in order to decide the best approach for your organization. Describe how you will present this to your board of directors. 

Reference no: EM13731731

Specify the most significant advantages and disadvantages

Specify the most significant advantages and disadvantages that could be realized by the organization in adopting a server virtualization infrastructure. Prepare a plan for imp

General aggregate statistics: total number of tickets sold

Present the data in a professionally formatted worksheet such that it is easily viewed/understood. Since visualization aids in understanding data, include an appropriate chart

Non­resetting finite state machine

Design a Mealy, non­resetting finite state machine that has one binary input X and one binary output Z. The output Z = 1 occurs whenever the last five bits on input X have bee

Digital forensic investigator for a healthcare organization.

Imagine you are a digital forensic investigator for a healthcare organization. You learn from your internal information security department that an employee has been using pas

Compare the present value of economic profit

1. P15(d): Compare the present value of economic profit in each of the next three years and the loss of $50,000 in the third year using 15% as the discount rate.2. The spreads

Investigation of object-oriented programming by creating

We begin our investigation of object-oriented programming by creating an object-oriented program with a class called Employee. You will create two objects based on the Employe

For the first one i used the substitution method

For the first one I used the substitution method which gave me n^2 but wasn't right and the second one I used Masters Theorem and got nlog^4(n) which also wasn't right. A thor

New business growth in the north american market

A multinational tour operator agency has gained new business growth in the North American market through the use of social media. Its operation has expanded by 50% within six


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