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In my project management class we are currently working on a Work Breakdown Structure in Microsoft Project.  Within my group I am in charge of the initiation tasks.  My question is what are the initiation tasks for opening a coffee shop?  


Reference no: EM13953265

Explain the difference between interval and ratio data

One of the products that Company W makes is snack foods. The research and development department of Company W has developed a new formula for one type of snack food that is

Demographic information on large number of consumer

Although demographic information on large number of consumer is used in many marketing contexts, some people feel or belive that the sale of data is an invasion of privacy a

How might you bring these jobs into line

Suppose your organization's recently completed wage survey showed that the pay rates of several jobs were either less or more than they should be. - How might you bring thes

Leadership model be helpful to you as the team leader

Assume that you have been selected as a team leader for four other classmates. The team's assignment is to develop a 15-page paper on leadership and then present the paper t

Refer to the real world case on social networks

Refer to the Real World Case on social networks, mobile commerce, and online shopping in the chapter. Do you think that mobile devices (not just phones anymore) are becoming

Which of the following media choices would you recommend

After submitting the emergency report on usability frustrations, you realize the company could benefi t from a more systematic way of collecting feedback from customers. Whi

People criticize marketing as being manipulative based

Many people criticize marketing as being manipulative based on the argument that marketing activities create needs where none previously existed. Marketers of SUVs, tobacco

Define and describe how hofstede''s four dimensions applied

Define and describe how Hofstede's four dimensions may be applied to the United States. Based upon your answer, what specific advice would you give a US manager looking to c


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