A thesis on succession planning
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This thesis puts a spotlight onto:-

1.       Chapter 1):- Introduction

  • Background of the study
  • An introduction to Succession Planning
  • A viewpoint of single Family Businesses
  • Leadership and control in single family business
  • Problem statement
  • Aims and objectives of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Limitations of the study
  • Organization of the paper

2.       Chapter 2):- Literature Review

3.       The need for Succession Planning

4.       Requisites for leadership and control in single family owned businesses

5.       Current trends of succession planning

6.       Principles and strategic models of Succession Planning

7.       Problems and issues in Succession planning

8.       Models of Succession Planning

9.       Impact of cultural shift on family office model

10.   Summary

11.   References

The studies reviewed show that family run businesses in India prefer to keep the leadership within the family. Studies by Raju, Vedpuriswar show that family run businesses need to ensure a succession planning policy to select the best suitable candidate from the family.

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