Constructing document trees using wordnet

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This project report envelops:-

1.       Problem definition

  • Existing system
  • Background
  • Frequent substructure pattern
  • Mining methods
  • Disadvantages of existing system
  • Proposed system
  • Advantages of proposed system
  • Capabilities of constructing document tree using Wordnet

2.       Software Requirement Specification

  • Introduction
  • System overview
  • Algorithm of proposed system modules
  • Requirement specification
  • Functional requirement
  • Module analysis
  • Non functional Requirements

3.       Introduction to Text Clustering

  • Proposed frequent substructure methodology
  • Methods of mining frequent sub graphs
  • Description of dataset
  • Introduction to data mining
  • Different tasks of data mining
  • Architecture of data mining system
  • Knowledge of discovery database process
  • Introduction to soft ware's used
  • Spring source tool suit 2.9.2 release

4.       System Design

  • UML diagrams
  • Usecase diagrams
  • Class diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Activity diagram

5.       Implementation

  • System implementation
  • Output screens
  • Output of generating saperate .txt files from Reuters dataset
  • Output screen showing the contents of each .txt file
  • Output screens of text processing
  • Output of noun hypermym synset retrieval
  • Output screen showing frequency count of each word in the entire dataset

6.       Testing

  • Overview of testing
  • Test cases

7.       Conclusion

8.       Bibliography

  • Book references
  • Website referred

9.       References

10.   Papers presented

Reference no: EM131086

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