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Software Testing Process

Testing requires a disciplined and complex team work which proceeds in a pre-planned manner. Substantial niceties are involved (and are explained in the subsequent section), yet following thread of the testing will provide a brief working overview to you.

(a) Visualization of Work-flow

To start with, the whole, work-flow of the activities that are being computerized needs to be brought before our mental eye. There would be multiple paths in the system branching out and merging together, like the streets that are set apart and then meet at cross roads. It is absolutely essential that you pay attention to as many transactions as possible, howsoever uncommon they may seem to be. With this, you can ascertain that all the probable permutations and combinations of the operational varieties are covered.

(b) Building up test cases

Next, you need to structure a wide variety of test cases. Ensure to include the test cases which are more of exceptions. All the routine operation matters are also to be taken in to account. Make it a point to have them neatly with page-breaks, totals etc. as per expectations and do not crumble under a huge quantity of data. In general, the guiding principle of the test cases is to assume an desperado role and to build cases which would attempt to fail the software in one way or the other. Towards this end, you may try out gargantuan amounts, negative rates, digits in surnames, blanks in passwords, alphabets in numerical fields, and the like. These odd inputs could be at the level of a single data item as illustrated here and equally at the level of a complete record, or even a few transactions that make up some scenario consisting of multiple data input making up an absurd picture to test the semantics.

Examples of such irrational test records are a person joining an organization before his date, a sub-assembly getting exploded into a few finished goods, a direct accounting entry into the general ledger by skipping its route through the primary ledger, etc. Similarly, examples of illogical test scenarios could be an attempt to withdraw a fixed deposit from the bank without having repaid the loan raised against it, material rejected and sent back to the vendor without actually having received anything from him, etc. Such cases would be so specific to the functional domain of the software under test one who is in the thick of it along would be able to think of them.

(c) Conversion of test cases into test data

Having pooled together the test-cases, your next job would be to meticulously prepare the test-data to be actually input. The subtle difference between the test case and test data is that while the case may be a conceptual description, the data is the precise set of values that would be entered in the specific input screen. When it comes to testing the software, all the test transactions have to be pre-thought and spelt out before hand in a ready-to-enter mode. One cannot expect that these values would be decided by the tester at run-time. That would be a time-wise redundant and unaffordable luxury besides it may not be in synchronization with the values entered by the tester's other fellow colleagues working on the same testing project.

Such test values would include date, time, account number and name of the customer, item number and its details, and so on. An illustration will make the point crystal clear.

Test case: withdrawal of a fixed deposit from the bank without having repaid to the loan rose against it.

Test transaction:

1. Opening of a fixed deposit account number 48712 for $ 50000 on 25.09.2001 for a 2 year term at 6% interest in the name of Mr. Vibha Shah.

2. Raising a loan of $ 20000 carrying interest at 7% on 14.06.2002.

3. Closure of the term deposit account before maturity on 30.04.2003.

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