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Computer Science Engineering

You might confuse that computer science is that field which deals with computers, or think that it relates our daily activities such as gaming, web-browsing, downloading, and word-processing etc. However, the aim of computer science is mainly to understand the properties of the programs used to implement software such as games and web-browsers, and using that understanding to create new programs and upgrade those which already exist.

Computer Science Engineering is related to design, implementation of computer hardware and software systems and to solve a variety of problems in vast areas such as communications, manufacturing, robotics, computer graphics, databases, and many others. A computer engineer has following fields to work with


1. Fundamental research
2. Designing Hardware and its fabrication
3. Software creation
4. Systems Integration.

Computer science (abbreviated as CS) deals with the theoretical foundations of information and computation ,their implementation and application of various practical techniques in Computer systems. For modeling complex systems at first computer scientists make an algorithm which truly describes the system and then it’s easy to transform information and formulate suitable abstractions.

In computer science there are many sub-fields namely Computational Complexity Theory, Study The Properties Of Computational Problems, Computer Graphics, To Emphasize The Computation Of Specific Results etc. But one of the main fields is challenges in implementing computations. In programming language we study the approaches to describe computations, on the other hand, computer programming deals with specific programming languages to solve various computational problems, and combination of human and computer makes challenges easy to face.

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