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Software engineering is a modern profession. The software professional undertakes the task of innovating, designing, modifying and implementing software. The software made should be of high quality, cost effective, easy to maintain, and also fast to build. Software engineering applies engineering to software building by the application of mathematics, computer sconce etc, and has a systematic approach for the analysis, test, maintenance and reengineering of the software. The term was first used in 1968 in United States of America in a NATO conference for software engineering.

The evolution of software engineering

Software engineering has its roots in the digital computer which mere made in the year 1940. They contained the instructions for operations, which were wired into them. This approach of wiring was not flexible, which led to the research for developing stored program architecture. It was also called the Von Neumann architecture. From then on, hardware and software were separately designed. Software languages appeared in the decade of 1950. Some notable examples are that of COBOL and FORTRAN, which are used extensively even today. The designing of software systems, most notably UNIX gave new horizons to software control and engineering and devised major ways for managing the hardware. The development of better and easy to use hardware such as micro computer, personal computer made computing simple and easy. Other aspects of development such as the development of Microsoft windows helped in wide spread usage of computers. Software engineering was again changed with the advent of World Wide Web and internet in the 1990’s. As of now any software designed is based on the approach of being cheaper, better and faster. It aims at building faster and better software’s at much reduced rates.

Education, certification and skill required

For being a software engineer, one must have the knowledge of programming. Many universities and institutes of both public and private origin provide degrees in the field of software engineering. Diplomas and other certificate programs are also run. Many government and private organizations organize internships, which help the intern to face real world situations and problems of software engineering.

Topics like software architecture and process improvement are certified by the software engineering institutes. Leading firms like Microsoft, IBM and Apple conduct their own exams and grant certifications as per their standards. Some software professionals gain certification from the vendors who have their specific software programs and train the employed as per that specific software module. After the successful training and education impartment, they are successfully absorbed by the same vendors or firms. Software engineers work with all kinds establishments like government establishments, non profit organization and business enterprises across the globe. As all businesses are now run simultaneously on internet, software engineers are in great demand. They are also handsomely rewarded and have good salaries. Software engineers specialize as analytics, developers, architects, technical support executives, testers, middle ware analysts and managers and also work in academics as researchers and educators. Their long working hours make them prone to eye disease, hand and wrist problems and back discomforts, which can be described as some perils associated with the job.

The impact of globalization on software engineering

The dot com bubble burst in 1990 was because of outsourcing and because of the lower cost involved in software and hardware production in the third world countries. This had also some negative impact on software engineering development. The repeated outsourcing of software jobs to the third world countries led to the growth of panic and fear among the students in developed countries, who found software engineering education not secure enough for getting and reaming in jobs. But this has also contributed in increasing the operational capacity and effectiveness of the organizations which are involved in the process of outsourcing. Outsourcing has helped them to shed off their excess burden and achieve greater sustainability and cost effectiveness.

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