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Although, there is a lot of thinking and hard work that goes into the software, testing is still needed. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in its eating. Besides, the software cannot be put directly to the real life usage; it may bring up-pleasant surprises to the user organization and in worse situations, the surprises could tell on the organization's business, image and standing.

History is not devoid of examples where systems with inadequate testing have proved to be disastrous. Here are a couple of such instances, one drawn from the war scenario and the other from the medicine arena.

(i) Radiation Therapy device called 'Therac-25' from Atomic Energy of Canadian Ltd. In 1982 used embedded software. The defects in that software caused a massive radiation overdose to as many as 6 patients, killing 4 of them.

(ii) One of the Patriot missiles used in the Gulf-war of early 1990's failed because of clock-drift. The effectiveness of the missile dropped from 95% to 13%. The failure allowed a SCUD missile to hit American barracks, killing 29 and injuring 97 people.

Testing is a pre-planned maneuvering and calls for Herculean efforts. For bigger software packages, the author has led the testing efforts of teams of 20+ staff strength going on for upto 6 months. That's why, the best time for starting the spade-work of the testing is just after you have signed the user requirements.

Before you read ahead, please note that 'Software Testing' and the other one on the design and code review share a few sections in common (particularly the explanation on dichotomy of black box testing vis-à-vis white box testing) to make each of them self-contained as one of the requirements of the distance learning paradigm. Services: - Software Testing Homework | Software Testing Homework Help | Software Testing Homework Help Services | Live Software Testing Homework Help | Software Testing Homework Tutors | Online Software Testing Homework Help | Software Testing Tutors | Online Software Testing Tutors | Software Testing Homework Services | Software Testing

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