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Progressing Time Line

Apart from the factors contributing to a plethora of versions, now we will look into one more aspect of advancing time line. As time passes by, there are newer and newer versions frequently rolled out by the developer, due to:

1. Debugging

As you might have recognized by this time, a software product without a single error or bug is an Utopian idea that does not exist in reality. Corning to the large software products, there are quite a few bugs practically making it necessary that they are removed and a new rectified version is brought out. This corrective maintenance adds more versions to the software.

2. Enhancements

Another reason behind the multi-versions is that with changing time, changing business environment forces more functionality changes that have to be incorporated in the software on a regular basis. This adaptive maintenance also gives rise to the version count in a big way.

Due to all these factors, there could be several versions for a single software product. The author has witnessed banking software having an installation base of over 500 that has as many as fifty different versions!

There are at least four different versions for any software product that is a successful business:

1. Version 1

This is the oldest version that has been deployed and running very well at the customer’s site for live operations. Due to corrective or adaptive maintenance, the next few version appear on the scene as follows.

2. Version 2

This next one is already delivered to the client after version 1. The customer typically goes ahead with a thorough testing (User Acceptance Test or UAT) of this v2 before it could be put to use.

3. Version 3

This one is developed after Version 2 on time line and is not yet delivered to the customer, as it is undergoing systems testing at the developer’s site. Afterwards, it may be reworked and retested, if necessary and would then finally be rolled out in the market for customers.

4. Version 4

This is the most happening version, which is right at the workbench of the developer’s team. This version 4 is in a half-cooked status, with some modules fully developed and other modules under development. It is interesting to note that even before its birth, this version has to be named and tracked for all its components as explained in the section.

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