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Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) is a network diagram. Remember that this has nothing to do with computer networks! The name PERT is due to the fact that activities are shown networked/connected together. PERT - the project management technique originated from constructive projects - has been adopted by many functional walks including the software development. PERT assumes that the project is a set of activities or tasks. The activities can be started and terminated independently of each other (in contrast to a sequential flow of processing) or have precedent relationships. Precedent relationships preclude the start of certain activities until others are complete (for example, programming cannot start unless the design is completed first).

The techniques can be used in both the planning and control of projects. Planning consists of the overall layout of the project, with a broad estimation of the time and resources required and a detailed scheduling of the timing and order of activities. Hence, it concerns the set of decisions made before the start of the project. As and when actual resource use and completion times are obtained, project controls and management techniques can be used to reallocate resources as per the revised critically of activities.

PERT suggests that the components of systems development be logically broken down into one of the following two categories:

1. Activity: every process of the systems development life cycle is viewed as an activity. An activity requires resources and takes time to complete. Each activity begins and ends with an event.

2. Event: The event has no time of its own and expends no resources. An event or result may be the completion of the operational feasibility study or the point at which the user accepts the detailed design.

When designing a PERT network, the first step is to identify all the activities of the project and their relative sequence. The analyst must be careful not to overlook any activity. The list of activities determines the details of the PERT network. The analyst may prepare many levels of diagrams that provide increasingly more detailed timing estimates.

PERT assumes a not-so-exact knowledge of the time of individual development activity and thus incorporates a level of uncertainty in the estimation of such times. To this, a three-point estimate of optimistic, pessimistic and most likely completion times is obtained for each activity. These are used to estimate the standard deviation of each activity and slack time, thereby implying that a given activity is or is not critical. Then continuing on the assumption that activities are independent, the estimates of individual activity standard deviation are used to estimate the standard deviation of completion time for the complete project. Services: - Program Evaluation Review Homework | Program Evaluation Review Homework Help | Program Evaluation Review Homework Help Services | Live Program Evaluation Review Homework Help | Program Evaluation Review Homework Tutors | Online Program Evaluation Review Homework Help | Program Evaluation Review Tutors | Online Program Evaluation Review Tutors | Program Evaluation Review Homework Services | Program Evaluation Review

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