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Impact Analysis

It is interesting to note that merely identifying the exact problem area is just a starting point. You may feel that once the defect isolated, it could be fixed right away. Unfortunately, the fact is that there is one more laborious job called ‘Impact Analysis’ to be done before actually patching up the program. Such an impact analysis is required due to the inter-relations among the various programs or modules in the software, which we have already studied.

During impact analysis, the software developers go ahead and to systematically enlist all the possible artifacts of the software that would be influenced with the proposed modification. Such artifacts are twofold:

(a) Software items

These cover the various work products of software which are:

(1) Source programs and Process specifications.

(2) Flow Charts and DFDs.

(3) Table Design and ERDs.

(4) Codification Schemes.

(5) Input and Output Formats.

(b) Allied Items

These include the related items such as:

1. Complete Documentation.

2. User/Operations Manuals.

3. Training Material, if any.

4. Project Implications on Time and Cost.

All the above points are minutely studied, not just to enlist those getting affected by the proposed change, but also to find out what is exact change that each artifact needs to undergo to ensure a holistic and coherent working in the functionality of the software as a whole. It goes without saying that if these point s are not thoughtfully tackled, the ripple effects of one modification may result into a cascading effect of disturbing the software at more than one points in an expected manner, thus inviting the unwarranted trouble of setting right all those undesired changes. Services: - Impact Analysis Homework | Impact Analysis Homework Help | Impact Analysis Homework Help Services | Live Impact Analysis Homework Help | Impact Analysis Homework Tutors | Online Impact Analysis Homework Help | Impact Analysis Tutors | Online Impact Analysis Tutors | Impact Analysis Homework Services | Impact Analysis

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