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Unlike the mere text-based approach of earlier years, these days the user interaction with computers - that is input, output and menus, too - is made more picturesque with the help of various icons and options that could be clicked with your mouse. This interaction, called graphic user interface (GUI), is discussed in this section.

(a) The icons or images chosen for the various buttons should the same actions throughout the software to lessen the learning curve of users.

(b) Instead of inputting from the keyboard, there are other ways of using your mouse to provide data input:

Users may pick up from a predefined list of possible inputs. For example, when it comes to cities, the user may be flashed a drop down list containing all items like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. to chosen from. This is easy to use and eliminates spelling mistakes.

(c) Default values - the values which are largely used - could be offered to users, who could then simply press 'Enter' or just click their mouse to indicate that choice or may go in for elaborate selection of some other item.

(d) There could be a combo box where users could pick up from the list or enter a new value, too.

(e) For numeric values, the spin box is suitable. It provides an up-arrow to increase and down-arrow to decrease the default value shown in the box to make it suitable to the user.

(f) Buttons for 'Minimize', Maximize and Resize offer flexibility of the box size to help the user make it fitting to her run-time needs.

(g) Radio button is handy to indicate users that they could pick up just one of the options on the screen.

(h) Check-in box is a nice way of getting a logical answer (yes or no) from users, when the fixed text narrates the case, where the user can check in that box if she wants to opt for it.

(i) When the mouse is brought over any tool, should flash the relevant tool-tip to guide the users.

(j) Context sensitive help should be offered to users to steer through the possible menus, options, icons etc.

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