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While budgeting involves summing the human and machine effort involved in each task, scheduling involves establishing the sequential relationships among the tasks. This involves arranging tasks in the following way:

1. Earliest start date by considering the sequential relationship among tasks attempting to perform tasks in parallel wherever possible.

2. Latest expected completion date by considering the budgeted hours and expected availability of personnel or other resources.

The schedule can be represented graphically using several charting techniques such as GANTT charts or PERT diagrams. At all the milestones in the project, the budget and schedule should be revisited to verify compliance and identify variances. Any deviations in the budget and schedule should be analyzed to determine the cause and corrective action to take minimizing or eliminating the total project variance. Variance analysis should be reported to the management on a timely basis.

Gantt charts are used first for scheduling the activities needed to complete a project and subsequently for monitoring the project. The chart shows when an activity should begin and when it should end. The chart will also show which activities can be progress simultaneously and which activities must move ahead serially. Gantt charts assist in identifying what will happen of an activity is completed before or after the determined date. The progress can be shown on these charts and thereby reveal if the project is behind, ahead or on schedule. Services: - Gantt Charts Homework | Gantt Charts Homework Help | Gantt Charts Homework Help Services | Live Gantt Charts Homework Help | Gantt Charts Homework Tutors | Online Gantt Charts Homework Help | Gantt Charts Tutors | Online Gantt Charts Tutors | Gantt Charts Homework Services | Gantt Charts

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