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Feasibility Study is a precursory phase embracing a quick visualization of all the subsequent phases to ascertain smooth sailing of the software. The critical phase has many areas that are important:

(a) Technical feasibility: this ascertains whether the tasks to be delegated to the computer could be successfully articulated with the software and whether the project is possible with the technology available currently in terms of hardware, communication links, and software platforms/languages.

When the railway reservation system was automated in Mumbai in the mid eighties, technical feasibility issues considered were hardware capabilities to sustain hundreds of transactions, networking to make available the data across booking windows across all suburbs, etc.

(b) Economic feasibility: this concentrates on the financial aspects of cost benefits and tries to ensure that the startup cost and recurring expenses are justifiable. In many cases, the benefits are hard to quantify as they represent intangible gains like customer service, reduced time to market, etc. The importance of a nod or green signal from the finance angle hardly needs to be underlined. Indian railways weighed all its IT startup costs as well recurring expenses against the tremendous time savings – an intangible factor – for hundreds of passengers.

(c) Operational feasibility: this looks into the probability of smooth working of the software when people put into action. It is explored with the help of factors like the ease software offers to those who operate it, fitting the workflow of steps to be taken by the man and the machine, receptively by the concerned people, etc. Before throwing open the passenger bookings, railway authorities dwelt upon the IT awareness of staff, their resistance to change, etc.

(d) Social feasibility: this examines the broader issues relating to the people at large who, though not directly operating the software, from the significant class of end-beneficiaries. They interface with the system in an indirect manner, yet are impacted by the inputs, outputs and the response time of the system. When the public at large experienced the computerized railway bookings for the first time, their waiting time made them happy. Services: - Feasibility Study Homework | Feasibility Study Homework Help | Feasibility Study Homework Help Services | Live Feasibility Study Homework Help | Feasibility Study Homework Tutors | Online Feasibility Study Homework Help | Feasibility Study Tutors | Online Feasibility Study Tutors | Feasibility Study Homework Services | Feasibility Study

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