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Previously, you have studied about energy accounting that is an integral part of energy management and conservation. You have learnt that energy accounting helps us measure and account for energy inputs energy consumption or energy losses in a power distribution system right from producing stations to the consumer end.  Energy audit goes hand-in-hand with energy accounting. In fact, good energy management starts along with an energy audit.

Energy audit is one of the most significant tools for energy conservation and for achieving energy efficiency. It gives the means to identify the areas of leakage, wastage or inefficient use. It helps within identifying measures appropriate for reduction of T&D losses. Therefore, it helps in effectual management of energy consumption and could lead to important cost and energy savings as well as increased comfort, extended equipment life, and lower maintenance costs.

Thus, here, we discuss the concept and process of energy audit in relation to the power distribution sector. We would such to sensitize you to the importance of energy audit so which you can appreciate it's required in a power utility. In the further, you will learn about demand-side management that is an effectual way of bringing about energy conservation.


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