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Energy Conservation, Audit and Accounting


Energy is necessary to life and the key to human progress. Its conservation is a necessary in the modern industrial societies. The purpose is many. Coal and other fossil fuels are likely to be depleted soon since once consumed which are no longer available to us in the similar form. Presently, 85% of the primary energy comes from fossil fuels. Their reserves are finite that why they will not exist for future generations as the consumption increases along with increasing population.

You will agree which considerable wastage of energy is taking place in the country. We have to learn to use the energy resources judiciously to prevent energy death for our future generations. For this, we require to understand what energy resources are available to us and for how long. How could we make them last longer? Energy conservation becomes significant in this context. We begin this course through discussing energy conservation in general, and then along with special reference to the electricity sector.  We discuss related concerns and issues such as:

  • The impact of energy consumption and production on the environment,
  • The significance of improving energy efficiency,
  • Ensuring energy security for all, and
  • Exploring sustainable energy options for future.

We present instance and case studies of how people around the world are grappling with these issues. We start by exploring the energy resource base of our planet Earth with special reference to India.

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