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Expert System In Designing Of CIM Systems


Computer Integrated Manufacturing can be termed as a technical concept, is links the different processes of manufacturing systems via an integrated computer system. Each computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems or CIMs has a key objective to generate high quality products along with the least involvement of time and cost. Because of the presence of highly automated and integrated nature of the tasks, computer integrated manufacturing systems or CIMs are called also as "factory of the future" and "total factory automation".

Expert systems are the basic or essential computer programs via which the users capable to recognize the knowledge of the experts in the related field. Hence, expert systems based computer programs acts as like a boon for the less knowledgeable person in making or creating the right decision, or an expert system can be taken as an area of artificial intelligence, a branch of computer science concerned along with implementation and design of programs able of emulating human skills as like; decision making, problem solving, perception and language understanding.

Expert system have an integral role in deciding the output rate of any type of manufacturing system by giving us valuable information related to enumeration and scheduling of different resources of the system. Afterward sub-sections, role of expert system in realization of system resources name as: machines, AGVs and robots are detailed.

Application Of Expert System In Robot Control Computer Aided Design or CAD
Computer Aided Manufacturing or CAM Computer Integrated Manufacturing or CIM
Core Components of Expert Systems Defining Characteristics of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems or CIMS
Expert Systems Expert Systems Application In Manufacturing
Objectives Relationship between the Components of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Role of Expert System in Enumeration of Number of Machines Role of Expert Systems in Manufacturing Sector
Types of Expert Systems
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