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Burgers vector in screw dislocation, Burgers vector in screw dislocation ...

Burgers vector in screw dislocation The  Burgers vector, often signified by  b, is a vector that shows the magnitude and direction of the lattice distortion of dislocation in a

Explain relative electronegativities, Explain relative electronegativities ...

Explain relative electronegativities An analysis of relative electronegativities would suggest that, because C is slightly more electronegative than H, a important amount of th

The effect of temperature on the enzyme betaglucosid, What is the rate of r...

What is the rate of reaction at the optimum temperature? (the starting concentration of the protein was 2 mg/ml, the Extinction coefficient (e) of the chromogenic product is A515 =

Kinetic particle theory, 2 thermometers, A and B, are wrapped in pieces of ...

2 thermometers, A and B, are wrapped in pieces of gauze. The gauze around thermometer A is moistened with water and the gauze around thermometer B is moistened with Ether(a volatil

Define degrees of freedom - phase rule and phase diagrams, Define Degrees o...

Define Degrees of freedom - phase rule and phase diagrams? Consider a system in an equilibrium state. In this state, the system has one or more phases; each phase contains one

Classification of polymers - elastomers, Classification of polymers - Elast...

Classification of polymers - Elastomers The polymers which have elastic character such as rubber (a material that can return to its unique shape after stretching is said to be

Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Ask questionapplications of atomic absorpti...

Ask questionapplications of atomic absorption spectroscopy #Minimum 100 words accepted#

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