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I want simulink model for carrier based pwm method

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Transistor, what is bias compensation

what is bias compensation

Find the resistance of wire, The resistance of a wire is 60 ? at 25 o C and...

The resistance of a wire is 60 ? at 25 o C and 65? at 75 o C. Find the resistance of wire at 0 o C and value of temperature co-efficient at 0 o C. Ans: Given R 25 = 60 ? a

The potential difference at the battery terminals, Ten 1.5V cells in series...

Ten 1.5V cells in series, each cells having an internal resistance of 0.3Ω, are connected series to a load of 25Ω. Determine : i.The current flowing the circuit

For the low-pass filter configuration calculate cf, Q. For the low-pass fil...

Q. For the low-pass filter configuration of Figure, with R i = R f = 1M, calculate C f such that the 3-dB point is at 1 kHz.

Excitation, excitation in an ac generator

excitation in an ac generator

Find the current in circuit, Q. (a) Determine the voltage at A in Figure...

Q. (a) Determine the voltage at A in Figure . (b) With V i = 10 V, R 1 = 10 k, R 2 = 1000 , and A = 100, find the current i .

The programming model of 8085 microprocessor , The  programming  Model of...

The  programming  Model of 8085 Microprocessor The programming  model  of 8085 microprocessor is  shown in figure  below in this  model  various 8 bit  and 16  bit registers a

Calculate the unknown thermal conductivity, Derive the mathematical 3-D hea...

Derive the mathematical 3-D heat conduction equation in Spherical Coordinates? A furnace is made up of three layers of thicknesses 250 mm, 150 mm nad 100 mm with thermal conduct

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