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why ionisation energy of aluminium is greater then Ga?

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Concerted Pericyclic Reactions, Predict the regiochemistry and stereochemis...

Predict the regiochemistry and stereochemistry of the following cycloaddition reactions and indicate the basis for your prediction.

Chemical formular, copper reacts with oxygen to form two oxide X and Y .On ...

copper reacts with oxygen to form two oxide X and Y .On analysis 1.535g of X yielded 1.365g of copper and 1.450g of Y yielded 1.160g of copper. [I] determine the chemical formula o

Characteristic flame colour - chemical analysis, Characteristic flame colou...

Characteristic flame colour: specific metals and their salts impart particular colours to Bunsen burner flame.         (1)  Pb (plumbum) impart pale greenish colour to the f

Quantum chemistry, how to solve radial equation using the laguerre polynomi...

how to solve radial equation using the laguerre polynomial

What is happen when h2so4+hno3 adding to the phenol?, Phenol + HNO3(in pres...

Phenol + HNO3(in prescence of sulphuric acid) --> 2-nitrophenol + 4-nitrophenol.

Bohr''s principle the relation between principle quantum no, According to B...

According to Bohr's principle, the relation between principle quantum number and radius of orbit is: (1) r ∞ n    (2) r ∞ n 2       (3) ∞1/n  (4) r∞ 1/ n 2 Ans:  r

Thermodynamics and first law of thermodynamics, Thermodynamics Thermody...

Thermodynamics Thermodynamics is a macroscopic science and its most fundamental level is the study of two physical energy, entropy and quantities. Energy may be regarded as the

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