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Q. Meaning of Diabetes Self Management Education?

You have learned that the treatment of diabetes depends upon the cooperation of the patient and also on how actively a patient participates in treatment and modifies life style to bring DM under control. To achieve this, the patient needs to be given education on various aspects of prevention of the disease, management of disease and complications of DM. You as a diabetic educator can give education to the patient and the family and thereby play by a vital role in the patient's life.

Educated persons can get knowledge of the disease through various means like books and internet. The challenge today, particularly in our country, is of reaching the illiterate or those who are living in slums / rural or difficult areas. Hence, a diabetic community worker like you should be able to identify the needs of the diabetic patients / potential diabetic patients and their families while providing DSME. While educating a patient always remember the cultural values and beliefs, local resources and use simple, common words and local language. If needed, you can use simple education material in local language or with pictures; or narrate stories; arrange role play, etc. to educate the patient and family.

Generally, it is observed that soon after being diagnosed with diabetes, the patient gets worried or get depressed. This is a stage where the patient and family need to be educated about the disease. They need emotional support that one can lead a normal life. With modification in life style, medicine and the disease can be controlled; complications can be avoided or delayed if patient starts treatment and follows the advices of the doctor.

Take the case of Madhav who was diagnosed to be suffering from diabetes. He was not willing to accept the diagnosis. He did not trust the tests of the Clinic which tested the blood sample. He shifted to two to three clinics to confirm the diagnosis.

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