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A large, 100+ seat inbound call centre has been getting feedback from the Australian Services Union that their members are dissatisfied with working conditions. The most recent manifestation of this was the presentation of a letter, signed by 80 workers, itemising complaints relating to stress, inability to meet targets, not enough time to go to the toilet, and severe and unjust consequences for workers for minor discretions. This was on top of several individual bullying complaints that had been investigated and 'resolved', but had impacted negatively on worker morale.


(i) What type of hazard does the above extract address?

(ii) How would you define such type of hazard?

(iii) Enumerate 4 factors highlighted in the extract that led to such hazard?

(iv) Which one of these factors mentioned in the extract falls under the category of 'workplace relationship'?

(v) Outline seven risk control measures that can be taken against poor workplace relationships.


Explain briefly which factors of the following categories can also lead to psychosocial hazards:

(a) Organization of work

(b) home-work interface

3: Using a labelled diagram, explain how any imbalance between workplace resources and workplace demands may lead to worker experience of strain.

4: List seven occupations at risk from BBV.

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