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How is chemical reaction reversible and irreversible?

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Explain the preparation of sodium hydroxide, Explain the Preparation of Sod...

Explain the Preparation of Sodium Hydroxide I. PURPOSE OF THE EXPERIMENT The purpose of this laboratory activity is to prepare a NaOH solution, determine the concentration of

Describe dalton law of partial pressure, Q. Describe Dalton Law of Partial ...

Q. Describe Dalton Law of Partial Pressure? Ans. According to the Kinetic Molecular Theory, the pressure-volume- temperature relationship is the same for all gases. This

Determine the phase or phases present at equilibrium, Q. Iron chloride form...

Q. Iron chloride forms various solid hydrates, all of which melt congruently. The temperatures t of aqueous solutions of various compositions that are saturated with respect to a s

Distillation under reduced pressure, Distillation under reduced pressure - ...

Distillation under reduced pressure - Purification of organic compounds This process is employed for the purification of high boiling liquids and liquids that decompose at o

Explain cycloaddition reaction, This cycloaddition reaction involves sixtee...

This cycloaddition reaction involves sixteen electrons; hence, it must be suprafacial on one component and antarafacial on the other.  Thus, it must be a [14s + 2a] or a [14a + 2s]

Describe about oxides, Q. Describe about Oxides? As said before, oxygen...

Q. Describe about Oxides? As said before, oxygen reacts practically with all the elements in the periodic table, except Lighter noble gases, to form binary compounds called oxi

Plunck''s quantum theory of radiation, which of the following is not a char...

which of the following is not a characteristic of plunck''s quantum theory of radiation? A) Radiation are associated with energy B) A body can emit less or more than a quantum of e

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