Your stomach is a chemical reactor when you consumea fast

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Your stomach is a chemical reactor. When you consumea fast food $0.99 hamburger in about a minute, it acts like aninstantaneous input of 325 g of food entering the stomach. Inresponse, the stomach starts producting gastric liquids (acids),which are continuously excreted into the stomach at a rate of 12.0mL/min as the hamburger is digested. The fluid also leaves thestomach to the small intestine at a flow rate of 12.0 mL/min, sothe volume of liquid in the stomach stays constant at 1.15 L. Thehamburger digestion rate is constant at 1.33/hr.

(a) What kind of ideal reactor would you model your stomachas?

(b) What fraction of the hamburger's mass will remainundigested in yaou stomach one hour after you eat thehamburger?

Reference no: EM13633380


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