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You are about to start a new research project in field of your choice. You are expected to write the report which constitutes the research proposal.

You must perform the following tasks and document them in report:

1. Assume literature review highlighting the present state of the art.

2. Taking into account present state of art highlight the novelty and contribution to knowledge upon successful completion of the project.

3. Do the feasibility study to assess probability of project being completed and producing useful results. If possible, feasibility study must contain some preliminary results (like a pilot data set and initial data analysis).

4. Present research methodology you plan to follow. Write a description of your planned approach for data analysis comprising the statistical techniques you are planning to use.

5. Create a costing report for different resources you will need (manpower, equipment, consumables, consultancy, travel etc).

6. Highlight significance to beneficiaries, like who will benefit by business/research findings and how.

7. In short mention how business/research findings will be disseminated (like conferences, workshops, seminars, journal publications, press releases).

8. Present the track record of investigators involved, demonstrating why they would be capable of undertaking and completing such a project.

9. Conclude and sum up your report.

Reference no: EM1391153

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