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The instructions on how to write the assignment and how to submit it are in unit outline; however in addition see below a few more instruction.

1. You can decide to choose a topic of your own and the list below will provide you with examples of the issues you should be looking at but again feel free to consider other issues that you may particularly feel interested in and think can relate to what we are studying in the unit. Please check with your UC (that's me) the topic/ article first to see that it is suitable.

2. Since the essay has to have a range of references you will need to research other articles that are on the same topic.

3. In writing the essay you MUST include some QUOTES from the various articles. These are taken word for word from the article and are put in your essay in inverted commas. You would then write your comments and explanations about the quotes you have used.

Steps on how to complete your report:

1. Select one main article. The article can be a research /journal /newspaper/web article related to MICROECONOMIC issues published in 2015 or 2016. The article should relate to one or more topics in economic theory (topics week 1-7) discussed in the lectures /workshops.

2. Select some more articles (published in recent years) from different sources to support your analysis. Though you will be analyzing one main article these articles will provide you with more evidence around the topic to support your arguments.

3. Identify the key issues in the article that you want to highlight and then start the report with an introduction covering the issues or research questions discussed in the article.

4. Outline the theory relevant to this article (for instance if you select an article on fuel prices, outline the theoretical concepts related to the issue such as demand, supply, pricing, elasticity etc.).

5. Now apply your theoretical knowledge about the topic to the selected article and try to draw your own diagrams or use data from authentic sources to make an analysis. Your diagrams can either be hand-drawn and then scanned or can be drawn using computer. Make sure you have diagrams within the body of the report and not in appendix. In this section you will mainly be discussing what the theory suggests and how this is applicable in the real life scenario. Or you may find that the theory is not working, and then find the reasons as why the situation is not working according to what you studied in theory. (Refer to 'An inside look' section at the end of each chapter in the textbook for examples).

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Reference no: EM131033899


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