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You are the Vice President for a medium size company. It has been a long standing rule that to be eligible for a certain job classification, you must have a college degree. You have been made aware that one of your employees, Jennifer, has been working for the company for a year and was hired into such a position when she did not have a completed college degree.

You look into the situation and find that she has been a very good employee and is in line for a promotion mainly because her work is generating a profit for your department. However, she was hired on the basis of information supplied on her job application. You have looked into her background and you find out that she is going to school at night and currently lacks only 9 credits from completing her degree. She is also a working Mom whose family depends on this job. You have been made aware of her college degree status by one of her co-workers. Would you:

1) Fire Jennifer for providing false information on the job application,

2) Keep her because she is doing a good job and ignor the other employee who brought this to your attention or

3) find another solution? Briefly explain what you would do and the reason for your answer.

Reference no: EM131033919


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