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In recent months the drop in oil prices and the falling Canadian dollar has impacted the economy in Canada. The fall of the stock market in 2008 is still quietly evident in our everyday lifes. The confidence level of Canadian investments is at an all time low.

For this discussion post you are required to do a little research with Dr. Google. Find at least one article referencing the comparison to the 2008 Stock market crash and the falling oil prices of 2015 and how they are affecting the investment confidence in the Canadian economy. Your reply should answer the questions "Will the Oil Crash trigger a Stock Market Crash"?- and or Is the falling Oil prices helping the Canadian economy?

Review your chosen article and evaluate/summarize your results in your own words and opinions. Include a copy of the article you reviewed or a link to the website you found the article on. Insure that the link is active before you submit your post.

NOTE: Your post must be your own original thought . Please ensure your post is between 250 and 300 words in length.

Reference no: EM131069439

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