Why is the us the dominant group

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Topic.. The effects of social media on interpersonal ethics.

Ethical theories relativism and utilitarianism diversity topics. ethnocentrism and out group bias dominant culture US other culture AFRICA Dominant group; United States.

Why is the US the dominant group?

How does the culture of the US view ethics assocted with social media

What are some ethical issues

How are these ethical issues affected by diversity

Ethical relativism


In-group favoritism


Hofstede's cultural dimensions

Social responsibility in each country

Practices that might lead to solutions.

Other group: Africa

Liu, L., Zhu, F., Jiang, M., Han, J., Sun, L., & Yang, S. (2012). Mining diversity on social media networks. Multimedia Tools & Applications, 56(1), 179. doi:10.1007/s11042-010-0568-1

Blakeslee, K. M., Simon, M. A., Patel, D., National Research Council, (. (U.S.), & Institute of Medicine, (. (U.S.). (2012). Communications and Technology for Violence Prevention: : Workshop Summary. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press.

McEwan, B. (2015). Navigating New Media Networks : Understanding and Managing Communication Challenges in a Networked Society. Lanham: Lexington Books.

Cellan, N. (2017). We Are Therefore I Am: Social Media and Ethnocentrism. International Journal Of Technology, Knowledge & Society: Annual Review, 13(1), 11-25. (AFRICA)

Your literature review has helped you to refine your contemporary global issue problem statement and learn where the themes and disagreements lie. Now, you will zero in on some aspect of that issue that affects vulnerable and disenfranchised groups differently from the way it affects dominant cultural groups.

Continuing to add sources as necessary, you will analyze and synthesize the findings from the scholarly literature, asking how these groups have historically been, and currently are, impacted by the policies, decisions, and actions of others; what ethical principles have driven these policies, decisions, and actions; and what strategies and solutions the different parties have come up with.

You will examine the issue from multiple perspectives, including your own cultural background and experiences and those of impacted individuals and groups.

You will use the lens of at least two ethical theories to evaluate the potential equity of the different strategies and solutions. You will recommend areas for further study that might result in more equitable treatment of those vulnerable and disenfranchised groups.

Your recommendation must be supported by well-reasoned evidence from scholarly research. Remember: you are not to propose solutions at this point, just lay out the possibilities!

The final Diversity/Ethics scaffold paper will be 2,000-2,500 words, excluding title page and references.

There are many ways to write up your research findings at this stage. Below is a list of aspects of the research that you must include in some way:

Identify the groups of people around the world who may be adversely affected by the issue, and also the dominant groups who are not

Situate your own cultural perspective relative to the issue and these groups

Use Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory in some way as you analyze the diverse cultural perspectives

Address issues such as ingroup favoritism, intergroup bias, etc. (see the list of topics in The Global Workplace, Part 1 in Module 3)

Describe the ethical issues involved in addressing the problem, being sure to draw on at least two ethical theories (see the list of topics in The Global Workplace, Part 2 in Module 3)

Analyze the decision making process and action plans that have been tried

Examine evidence for social responsibility in these processes and plans

Identify the policies and practices presented in the research findings that might lead to equitable solutions (and which seem unlikely to do so).

Then, take a step back! Don't pick a solution yet. Let this portion of your paper season, and wait for feedback from your instructor and your peers. You will be expected to present your proposed solution in detail in the last segment of your final paper.

Reference no: EM132013454


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