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Film dissussion post. Follow instructions below. Film is a significant art form in the contemporary society. With the development of computer animation, almost anything in the way of special effects can be done in a movie. Movies still tell stories, have characters that audiences find interesting, reflect socio-cultural values, and carry ideological messages. Meaning in film is generated by what Berger describes as the grammar of film and the techniques that directors use to give shape to their vision.

Suppose you were asked to teach a course on contemporary American culture. What films would you use to give students an understanding of our culture in all its variety?

Assignment Vis-Lit: Contemporary American Film - Viewing Post a list of films that you would include in a course about contemporary American culture.

Discuss the list as a class and select one or two that a group of you can watch this week (check your theatre, library, or video store for availability).

Use the following questions as guidelines for the discussion:

Identify the film. Who directed the film, when was it made, and what is the central theme?

In what ways are the visual conventions of film editing analogous to punctuation in writing?

How do the shot to shot relationships suggest intimacy and distancing? Where are you viewing the film?

Is there a difference between viewing the film in a large, darkened theatre with others or on your couch at home?

Why do you think this film would help students make sense out of contemporary culture in all its variety?

To help organize the film reviews:

1. use this space to submit ideas for selecting films

2. then submit your reviews/responses in Contemporary Film Reviews.

Reference no: EM13740865

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