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A model of a high-rise offiice building at 1/500 scale is tested in a wind tunnel to estimate the pressures and forces on the full-scale structure. The wind-tunnel air speed is 20 m/s at (20 degrees C) and atmospheric pressure. The full-scale structure is expected to withstand winds of 200 km/h (10 degrees C).


Show that the model and prototype Reynolds numbers are not equal, but sufficiently large for approximate dynamic similitude. For the length scale in the Reynolds number, does it make a dierence if you choose building height or building width? Which do you think is the more relevant length scale for this problem? (For reference, the Empire State Building is 443 m high to its tip, with average floor area 2048 m^2.)


viscosity at 20 degrees c =1.51*10^-5 and density of air is 1.2

viscosity at 10 degrees=1.3*10-5 and air density is 1.25

Reference no: EM13311956


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