Where does package hit the ground relative to the point

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A wooden rod of insignificant mass and length 83.0 is pivoted about a horizontal axis through its center. A white rat with mass 0.490 clings to one end of stick, and a mouse with mass 0.250 clings to the other end. The system is released from rest with the rod horizontal.


An Alaskan rescue plane travelling 44 m/s drops a package of emergency rations from a height of 146m to a stranded party of explorers. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s^2. Where does package hit the ground relative to the point straight below where it was released?


A 26.0g ball is fired up horizontally with first speed v_0 toward a 100g ball that is hanging motionless from a 1.10m -long string. The balls undergo a head-on, completely elastic collision, after which the 100g ball swings out to a greatest angle = 52.0. What is v_0?

Reference no: EM134250


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