When reading the case multiple times list all of the

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Case Analysis form In preparing your analysis use: The material in your textbook section (“Guide to Strategic Management Case Analysis”)
The written case analysis should include the following sections:

•Identification of the major problem

When reading the case multiple times, list all of the potential issues that have an impact on that firm. Look down the list and group these issues/symptoms into larger systemic problems. The result should be three or four larger problems that the firm needs to systematically address that would result in the disappearance of symptoms and conclude in organizational change.

•Analysis of the problem(s)

As we progress through the material of this course, students will develop an understanding of the tools of analysis relevant to each particular type of organizational problem. There are specific tools appropriate to specific types of problems. Students should use the appropriate tools/methods of analysis for the problems identified

•Present and evaluate alternatives

Problems may have several possible alternatives. All alternatives should be stated and discussed. More than one alternative may be possible, but the student should choose the most feasible alternative to deal with each of the problems identified.


For the problems identified and analyzed, a recommended course of action should be suggested. Recommendations should flow logically from the arguments and analysis presented in the paper and should be feasible. If recommendations are based on assumptions made, these assumptions should be stated.

Reference no: EM13388919

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