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1. Suppose a stock had an initial price of $84.56 per share, paid a dividend of $6.4 per share during the year, and had an ending share price of $85.7. If you own 36 shares, what are the dollar returns?

2. Jeff Krause purchased 1000 shares of a speculative stock on January 2 for $ 2.04 per share. Six months later on July 1, he sold them for $ 8.66 per share. He uses an online broker that charges him $ 10.00 per trade. What was Jeff's annualized HPR on this investment?

3. You own a portfolio invested 24.15% in Stock A, 14.05% in Stock B, 14.33% in Stock C, and the remainder in Stock D. The beta of these four stocks are 1.39, 1.16, 0.55, and 0.74. What is the portfolio beta?

Reference no: EM132014368


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