What perceptions do you think the mother and son have

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Assignment: Factors Affecting Communication

Read the scenario below, and use it to help you answer the questions that follow:

With the weekend fast approaching, Josh and his mother are once again at odds over Josh taking the car to go out with his friends. Mrs. Fegalson has grown tired of her son consistently disobeying her rules when he borrows the car. Just last week Josh borrowed the car and was 2 hours late returning home. Mrs. Fegalson also does not approve of the recent "crowd" that Josh has been going out with.

On the other hand, Josh thinks that his mother's rules are just not realistic. She has set his curfew too early, and Josh insists that he is mature enough to handle a later curfew. Josh also feels that his mother just doesn't trust him enough when he is with his friends.
This has become such a heated topic that it results in Josh and his mother yelling so loudly at each other, that they eventually retreat to separate rooms.

You have been asked to intervene in this family conflict to resolve it.

What perceptions do you think the mother and son have that are keeping them from getting along, or at least overcoming this conflict and reaching a compromise? How would you improve the communication between these two parties, using each of the three techniques outlined in your text?

This assignment should be a 1 page Microsoft Word document. Remember to be specific in your answers. For example, what questions would you ask mother and son?

Reference no: EM131524963


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