What makes them stand out to you as a critical reader

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In this Week's Discussion, you reviewed prewriting components of the research process and examined your own research process. Now you will put these concepts and insights in practice for this Week's Assignment.

To prepare for this Assignment:

· Choose one of the preselected journal articles in this week's Learning Resources.

· Applying the prewriting concepts from this week's readings, critically read the journal article, taking notes or engaging in any research methods that you would like to try.

The Assignment:

Select three related main points from the journal article (excluding the Abstract), and directly quote them.

In addition to the directly quoted main points, compose 1-2 sentences of rationale for each main point. Use these sentences to explain the reason you selected each point from the journal article. Consider the following questions in your rationale:

· Why are these three specific points the author's main ideas?

· What makes them stand out to you as a critical reader?

· How are these main points related to one another?

Reference no: EM131524783

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