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The balance sheet of the xyz company as of December 31,2017 assets column, cash and cash equivalents = $ 9000 , Account receivable Net = $21,000 , Inventories = $ 20,000, Total current assets 50,000, Property and equipment net =$30,000, Building = 40,000, Land = $10,000, Total assets = 130000, Liabilities column Liabilities and stockholders equity, Current liabilities , Account payable = 4000 , short term debt =13,000, wages &salaries payable = 1000, Income taxes payable = 2000, total current liabilities = 20,000, long term debt= 35, 000, other long term liabilities =15000, total liablities = 70000, stock holders equity capital stock 1000 shares issued and outstanding = 10,000 , retained earnings 50,000, total stock holder equity =60,000, total liabilities and stock holder equity =130000 , please re arrange and make a balance sheet based on the information above .1) What is the Book Value Per Share based on the information above? 2) If the market price per share $50 for XYZ Company, what is the total value of XYZ Company?

Reference no: EM131524920


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