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1-Which of the following is a good example of a continuous process layout?

2-Why is the planning phase often referred to as Phase 0 (Zero) of the generic product development process?

3-If an automotive service center has an issue with a car not being clean when returned to a customer; the poka-yoke corrective action might include what?

4-Why do many customers like the self-service approach to service design?

5-What happens to production efficiency as the customer exerts more influence on the system?

6-What is a company trying to optimize in the most common approach to developing a workcenter layout?

7-For which key organizational functions are tasks and responsibilities identified for all the steps of the generic product development process?

8-Some may argue that the production-line approach may not treat the process as a service process, but as what type of process?

9-Using a project layout for building an aircraft, why would you want to place rivets close to or even in the fuselage?

10-Why would a company want to supply a product to preferred customers during product ramp-up?

11-Even though they use different models, both the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group and Nordstrom Department Stores are known for what?

12-According to the Service-System Design Matrix, sales opportunity has what sort of relationship to production efficiency?

13-Permeable systems are characterized by being penetrable by customers via what two forms of contact?

14-Poka-yoke is a Japanese term for a procedure that blocks an inevitable mistake from becoming what?

15-A service process design flowchart is referred to as a service blueprint to emphasize what?

Reference no: EM13733656

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