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The Degenerate Art Show

This documentary explains how the art world was attacked during the rise of the Third Reich. Many of us are familiar with the history of WWII and have seen a lot of documentaries, but what makes this one different is it specifically focuses on how Hitler attacked the arts in particular; music, theater, film, and the fine arts. Art has a power to communicate great passion, passion in the sense of being for or against something.  Copy and paste this the link to the film on YouTube:


Please write a 1 page, single spaced, min 550 word count, reflection that address the following:

1) What did you learn about the Nazi party and their attack on the Modern Art world? What was your reaction to the film?

2) Had you known before that Hitler wanted to be an artist and didn't get into art school? What did he consider "good art" to be?

3) Why do you think Hitler feared Modern Art? Why would he not want artist to experiment and be expressive?

4) Who else did he attack in the arts, was it just painters, or other artistic disciplines? Name a few.

5) Why did Hitler collect art from all over the world and what was it mostly of?

Reference no: EM131524698


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