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The key to writing an effective method is to have a clear set of research questions and/or hypotheses. Write a Method section for the paper based on the following research question: "What are the factors associated with online purchases?"

For this assignment, you can use the information included in the original paper, but you will also need to do original writing to fully develop the Method section.

You should consult chapter 2 in your APA manual for a complete explanation and an example of a correct Method section. The Method section should be divided into two categories with different emphases:

1) describing participants, and

2) describing the procedure. Within those two broad categories, you should include subsections that address the following elements:

1) experimental manipulations or interventions,

2) sampling procedures/size,

3) measurement approaches, and

4) research design/procedure.

Be sure to state the methodology clearly so that the study is understandable and repeatable. As part of this assignment, you should also create a questionnaire that attempts to answer the research question.

You can use questionnaire items from other research to construct your instrument. In most cases, it is best to have some research precedent on which your instrument is designed.

This makes your research more comparable to other research, and helps in synthesizing your results with the body of work that has already been completed on the topic. You are not required to conduct the research; simply create the questionnaire

Reference no: EM131523736


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