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Utilize leadership concepts and theories. Directions: Think about a situation you have experienced in which a formal or informal leader was effective at motivating people, and another situation in which a leader was ineffective, perhaps demotivating people. Review the sections in Chapter 11 covering “Power and Influence” and the “Behavioral and Contingency Approaches,” and answer the questions below. Use the information in the chapter, and provide an example to support each response. 1. What type of power was used by the effective leader? What type of power was used by the ineffective leader? 2. Did the effective leader emphasize a task-oriented or relationship-oriented style? What about the ineffective leader? Explain your impression of each leader using the information in the chapter. 3. Where did each of the leaders fit on The Leadership Grid? (review exhibit 11.6) 4. How did the effective leader come across to followers? Humble and serving others? Egocentric and self-serving? Charismatic and visionary? Transformational or transactional? 5. How did the ineffective leader come across to followers? Prepare this assignment in a Microsoft Word document, using Times New Roman 12-point font, and double spaced. Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The assignment should be at least 1 page.

Reference no: EM131159103


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