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1)Bill of material errors can cause serious problems for MRP system calculations of dependant demands
2)No matter what forecasting technique is used, the probability of a production forecast being exactly correct is almost zero.
3)Computerized MRP systems automatically optimize material flow through a production system.
4)The Toyota Production System uses MRP to control flow of materials from suppliers to the assembly process.
5)Just in Time, the Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing are basically the same thing.
6)Low inventory turns is always an indicator of a problem with the MRP systems calculations.
7)The main reason to use Kanbans is to relieve bottleneck conditions.
8)Pull systems are always designed to use the theory of constraints to maximize efficiency.
9)The main idea of the theory of constraints is to provide the exact capacity necessary for all processes in a system.
10)The objective of value stream mapping is to improve the data used by the MRP System.

Reference no: EM13109090


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