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Trace the memory system from stimuli into long-term memory. Discuss the features of each step and factors that enhance or impede information flow in each step of the process. Explain proactive and retroactive interference and how you might counteract their effects while studying in order to facilitate maximum absorption of information into long-term memory. Explain other kinds of forgetting and discuss some strategies that can improve memory consolidation and/or retrieval. 

As with all assignments in which you are referring to someone else's writing, cite any sources used and format them according to the requirements of the APA style guide. This formatting includes, but is not limited to, the following guidelines:

· Margins - set to one inch 

· Font - 12 pt. Times New Roman, no bold, or underline 

· Title - center above the paper, 12 pt. font (Level A Heading), no bold, underline, or italics 

· Pagination - every page; consists of a header containing a short title for the paper and page number placed in the upper left corner of the page 

· Line Spacing - double space all work including the References Page. 

· Point-of-View - third person, objective; limit perspective to research; no personal opinion or narrative 

· In-text citations - must conform to APA requirements 

· References list - must conform to APA requirements

Reference no: EM13218185


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