Topic - RSS feed reader project using Java

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Assignment - RSS Feed Reader Project Using Java Research Project

Topic - RSS feed reader project using Java

Please provide an overview of your research project by answering the following questions (Minimum of 450 Words & 2 Peer Reviewed References with in-text citations).

1. What is your proposed research project's topic?

2. What problem or issue is your research designed to solve?

3. Why is solving the problem or issue important?

Software/hardware upgrades (unless part of an approved WIL project)

Improved risk management in the finance industry through DeVops (Minimum of 200 Words & a Peer Reviewed Reference with in-text citation)

Please note that the following projects and project topics are not acceptable:

Finding employment, a job, or career opportunities

Unofficial or informal work-integrated learning (WIL) or training arrangements

A Qualitative Research on Mobile Application Security for On-demand Locations Services (Minimum of 200 Words & a Peer Reviewed Reference with in-text citation)

Reference no: EM133234336

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