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The Theory of the Business

In a thought-provoking article in the September/October 1994 edition of the Harvard Business Review, Drucker proposed his "theory of the business" arguing "Every organization, whether a business or not, has a theory of the business" (Drucker, 1994,p. 96). For this discussion please locate (and read) the Drucker (1994) article titled "The Theory of the Business" in Amberton University Online Library. Then post a reply responding the the following:

1) A brief summary (from your perspective) of the article.

2) Is the article still relevant for modern organizations and management? Why?

3) Provide a recent example of a an organization that, in your opinion, fits Drucker's statement, "The story is a familiar one: a company that was a superstar only yesterday finds itself stagnating and frustrated, in trouble and, often, in a seemingly unmanageable crisis" (Drucker, 1994,p. 95).

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Reference no: EM13689


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