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If a decade ago, we had had a greater understanding of the business and organizational dynamics of technology, I think we would now have an even greater payback from our investment in it. In my experience, the new systems that work best are those that are aligned not only with the business but also with the way people think and work. Bob Martin, CEO of Walt- Mart stores.

A. Discuss the reasons why many companies are not able to achieve the performance breakthrough even though they have made big investment in technology.

B. What according to you are the steps necessary to implement a CRM system solution?


I don't believe we can achieve solid, genuine customer relationships on the basis of installing CRM systems. CRM technology, as with all technology, is a tool, an enabler. I believe that CRM and similar technologies are valuable if used within the context of a customer relationship strategy Source: Jim Barnes (2003) Discuss how far you agree or disagree with the statement made above.


The Mauritius Breweries, the Mauritian number One, brewer needed to communicate with its large distribution network to stock from current trends in customer demand, rather than forecasts based on historical trends. It built an intranet that provided:

• Company- wide, instantaneous access to inventory and sales data
• Instant, accessible information for simultaneous collaboration among manufacturing, warehousing, finance, logistics, sales and marketing
• Access of marketing data for Mauritius Breweries management
• a system through which distributors can place orders, adjust depletion figures, and replenish orders
• and encrypted data to ensure security

The results from these initiatives

Mauritius Breweries halved the time- from 10 to 12 weeks to six weeks- from brewery to retail shelves and enhanced manufacturing, planning, scheduling and inventory management. More timely data improves brand management, forecasting volume trends and analysis of promotional effectiveness. Distributors and manufacturers provide better service by using the same current data. And sales representatives are able to devote increased time to sales rather than administrative and forecasting work. Using examples from the case above, discuss whether Mauritius Breweries is a Market Intelligent Enterprise

Reference no: EM132681


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