Analyse the situation before and after the changes

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Mr. Brian Smith is the 0fficer-in-charge of a group of 15 persons, all posted in the correspondence/registry services of the Texman Services, a company in the insurance business. For the past seven years the group has been working well and has achieved the desired results. The group members value the leadership of Mr. Brian Smith and the support given to him by Mrs Karune Kathil. The latter is the right-hand person of Mr. Brian Smith and she steps in his place whenever he is not available. She often elaborates on his instructions and deals with any grievances or queries on his behalf. The profile of some of the other members of the group are as follows

(i) Mr. Ismail Kanta - much of the process of the group can be attributed to him as he is creative and problem solving.

(ii) Ms Premila Lagean - she has a very good knowledge of the sources of supply and information. She is often referred to as the "erncyclopaedia" of the department.

(iii) Mr. John Querin - he is an expert at figures. He does all the figure works and he is also very good at keeping records.

(iv) Mrs. Maya Hatchal - she represents the wisdom of the group. She has been instrumental in sorting out disagreements and keeping everyone happy and united. She is the most senior and the eldest member of the group.

The other members of the group also have their roles which are acceptable to themselves and the rest of the members.

Some six months ago, Mr. Brian Smithy submitted his resignation as he followed his family in Canada. Mrs. Maya Hatchal was appointed by Management to act as the new Officer-in-Charge of the section. Workload has increased considerably. Two new officers were recruited and two were transferred to the Correspondence Section from the Finance Section. Mrs. Maya Hatchal now started receiving complaints from various members of the group. They are not clear of what are expected from them and what they should do. They also complain of the shortcomings of the other members of the group. Mr. Ismail Kanta and Ms Premila Lagean have been unsually helpful to the Officer-in- Charge, but have had several serious arguments between themselves and with others


You should base your answers on the theories of Belbin and Tuckman

(a) Analyse the situation before and after the changes

(b) Recommend how Mrs. Maya Hatchal should ensure that the group reverts to its former cohesiveness

Reference no: EM132678


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